Most people are inherently good, as this crisis extends on from days to weeks to months, it's important to keep this top of mind. There will be fear mongering, financial ruin, criminal acts and violence.

We will overcome all of this because that's what Americans do. We have an opportunity to be remembered historically as a collection of great generations that adapted and overcame great challenges.

Don't join the few who will take advantage or behave selfishly. Remain one of the good who will help their neighbor, protect their family and fight to get back to the normalcy and freedom we all hold dear.

We are at war with ourselves right now, with our minds. Don't give into your most base instincts or impulses. Rise to the occasion, this is not the end, it's an excruciating set of circumstances that amount to a ton of inconvenience.

For those of you who vandalize, steal, gouge prices or act selfishly, know we are watching. When this is over our first order of business will be to deal with you.

What are we really talking about? Stay in, occupy your mind, don't give into fear or panic. It's not all that hard and if we work together everything will be fine.

Finally, people are sick and dying, if the worst you experience is boredom or running out of things, consider yourself lucky.

P.S. - If I have to hear another news sound bite of a mother crying about how she cannot diaper her child, I'm going to lose my mind. Stop buying more than is reasonable. The companies that make these products will get us more because it's in their best financial interest to do so. Stay calm.

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