Back in April, skeletal remains were found in a Greenwich park. There is new information, but it's still a mystery as to who it is.

While the identity is still unknown to the public, there are a few new clues.

In a story from, Greenwich Police say skeletal remains that were found in Helen Binney Kitchel Park town park in April of this year are from someone who died recently. Police say the bones are from someone who died either a few months to just a few years before they were discovered.

It turns out that back in April, officials pretty much thought that the remains had been in the park for many years. Now, however, forensic examiners and police have deduced that the remains are from a much more recent passing.

Hopefully, the mystery of who, what, when, where, and how will be concluded soon. Binney Pond, which is on the property and is fed by a stream in the park, is due to be dredged in the next few weeks, and police investigators will be able to really dig even deeper for any new evidence. According to detectives are also looking at other ways to find out the why and how of the death.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to whomever lost their life, and hopefully their loved ones get closure soon.

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