We're doing this Tattoo Redo contest right now to fix a bad tattoo in the Connecticut and New York area, so I got a laugh after seeing this story about a Dallas Cowboys fan that got a premature tat claiming his team to be this year's Super Bowl champions.

USA Today, comedian and Cowboys fan Jordan Garnett decided to make the call back in December and proclaimed for the world to see that America's Team was going to take it all.

Of course, the Cowboys' bid fell short to Green Bay last weekend, and Jordan had to have the ink modified. The tattoo now assumes that Dallas will take home NEXT year's Vince Lombardi trophy. We'll see what happens this time next year.

It got me wondering how many people have angered the sports gods with ink celebrating an incomplete job. Are there Red Sox '86 tattoos out there? Surely some well-meaning Cubs fan had to have gotten permanent pennant fever some time before they finally won it this year.

Here are a few more New England, Denver, Kentucky, and Seattle fans that couldn't wait. How'd those work out?

If you've got a tattoo that you regret, sports or otherwise, let us know and maybe we'll help you clean it up.


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