6 years ago, a Connecticut Reddit user posted this question: "Just moved to Danbury, CT. Where do I go to meet people in this town?" These are my favorite responses about where to get to know people in Hat City.

What have we learned: 

  • We either had or have a hipster problem in Danbury. I am of the opinion that this is a nationwide crisis.
  • Some people would rather workout than attempt to seek a nightlife scene again.
  • The Mallozinator is of the opinion that it's Rosie's or bust.
  • SoNo AKA South Norwalk has a yuppie problem. I strongly agree with this sentiment.

I wonder if the responses would be different today, 6 years later, if someone asked the question right now? Where are some good places to meet people in Danbury now?

Why would anyone want to meet new people anywhere? It takes many, many years to find out what is wrong with people and by the time you do find out, you hang onto them because you already put in all that work.

It's like some nutty job interview I don't care for. They size you up and you do the same. When I am put in these situations now (thanks to my wife Erica), I get a few things out of the way in a hurry.

I state that I use a lot of profanity and when I am not swearing, I am saying insensitive things. I am far too old and tired to waste my valuable, free time with someone who gets triggered.

Maybe that should be the question; Where can you meet dope ass people who don't whine and cry in Danbury?

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