Danbury's Hearthstone Castle  was built in 1897, Hearthstone Castle was originally named Sanford Castle after its owner, famous photographer, E. Starr Sanford. In its heyday, this three-story castle boasted seventeen rooms, nine bedrooms, and a billiards room. In 1987, the City of Danbury purchased the castle and since then Hearthstone has gradually deteriorated. There has been talk about a possible partial preservation.

Someone recently posted this photo of the castle to the Danbury, CT Reddit group.


And the comments came flooding in. These are some of the comments that were part of a much larger discussion:

Reddit Responds to a Photo of Danbury's Hearthstone Castle

A lot of the discussion that was not featured centered around how any demolition project scheduled for the site may have been shelved due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that construction projects that were deemed essential and already underway were allowed to continue in CT even in the early stages of stay at home orders but this one may not have fallen under that category.

I will say while unsound structures like this one could be dangerous for anyone attempting to visit them, I find them beautiful. There is something that draws me to an abandoned place, trying to imagine it when it was full of activity and life.

This is not the only castle in the State of Connecticut, Ethan Carey did a great write up on "The Most Captivating Castles in CT" in September of 2018 that is definetly worth checking out.

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