I don't know this guy, but I'll give him credit for a few things, good presence on camera and a hooky headline.

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His name is Charlie Vinci, he says he is a Farifield County, CT realtor and recently he posted his 8 Reasons to Not Move to Fairfield County List on Youtube. This video was uploaded on March 3, 2022 to his account.

This is what I took from all that, not that Charlie said these things, he didn't:

  • The Long Island sound stinks so do not expect Florida.
  • We experience seasons here in Fairfield County.
  • Winter is cold, so cold Charlie got gangrene and lost his big toe on a sledding trip.
  • Be wealthy when you move here AKA don't be poor.
  • Houses here are expensive, if you are not cool with that, live somewhere where houses are cheap..
  • All of our houses were built from twigs in the 1700's.
  • People are mean, strangers will refuse to wave at you.
  • There is a cult that worships Jeep vehicles.
  • If you don't like rich snobs, leave because they will torture you.

Look, he didn't say those words in the order I placed them in, in some cases he didn't use any of the words, but this was my takeaway and I really was hoping he'd really go for it.

What Charlie was participating in is one of the most effective gimmicks in marketing, the negative headline bait and switch. You say "3 reasons Danbury sucks" in the headline and then when you open the article it's:

1 - Danbury doesn't suck

2 - Only sucks if you don't live here

3 - We have a vacuum factory

I know all about this tactic, I've used it myself but I don't believe it's fair to the reader that wanted to see a verbal thrashing take place. I'll give him this, he was straight forward about some things on his way to making a point about why Fairfield County is a great place to live.

Look, Fairfield County is generally safe, it's the right distance from NYC for commuters, there are beautiful houses and the schools are really good. It's a great place to live but people are starting to run out of ways to tell you that.

I think that means we can start to hide it, conceal it. How about, going forward we only tell people this is a rat infested hellhole? That way, we don't have three new families moving here everyday and I can get from one end of Danbury to the other end in under an hour.

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