This wealthy reality show TV star and business owner just dissed the President.

As Trump was tossing rolls of paper towels like t-shirts to Puerto Ricans, Bethenny Frankel was loading up four private planes with 20,000 pounds of medical and survival supplies along with some EMT's to help the Puerto Rican Hurricane relief cause. Yes, Ms. Frankel is wealthy, attractive, a business owner, and a women's advocate, and like Donald Trump has the means to help this United States Territory in its time of desperate need.

According to an article in, all the supplies were donated by various organizations through her B Strong charity. Frankel also came armed with $60,000 in gift cards thanks to Costco and Yieldstreet along with $25,000 in cash gift cards.

According to, after Bethenny's crew handed out all the supplies, they filled up the planes with cancer patients and any other people in need of medical attention and flew them all back to the states for treatment. This what Frankel told People Magazine:

People are dying. They are thirsty. They cannot communicate. They cannot bathe themselves. They wash their laundry and babies in street water. It's a war zone.

If you would like to donate to the Hurricane Maria relief effort in Puerto Rico, click on this link. Just because your rich, attractive, and successful doesn't mean you can't be an amazing human being. Thank you Bethenny Frankel!

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