Is raising chickens becoming a 'thing' in Connecticut?

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I will be the first one to admit that freshly laid eggs make for a gratifying culinary experience, just ask Renae Brescia from New Milford. Except Renae decided to take the concept of newly laid eggs to a new level by acquiring 8 of her very own chickens.

These are three week-year-old chickens getting ready to make the transition from indoors to their new home in their outdoor chicken coop. - Credit YouTube Video by Guildbrook Farm

An article on tells the story of Brescia's idea to raise chickens of her own as a new adventure during the COVID-19 outbreak. After bonding with her new pet chickens, yes, each one has a name, that according to New Milford zoning laws, she doesn't have enough room on her property for her newfound pets.

I didn't realize you could bond with a chicken. It's true. Renae's beautiful birds follow her everywhere when she's outdoors. But now she has a problem. New Milford requires 0.75 acres to keep 50 chickens, so currently, Renae is working with zoning officials to amend that rule, so smaller properties are allowed to keep a small number of chickens. If you're thinking about raising chickens of your own, this youtube video is perfect. I watched the entire video, and I can tell you it's a lot of work!

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