Every few months, it seems like there is a new yoga twist. We've had Yoga with Cats, Yoga with Dogs, Goat Yoga, and plenty of breweries have done yoga with beer. Now, Stony Creek Brewery in Branford is kicking it up a notch with Rage Drunken Yoga.

What, you ask, is Rage Drunken Yoga? According to the instructor, Susan Hoffman Trischitti, it's a class that teaches yoga moves while encouraging drinking and screaming. Trischitti recently told the Courant:

It’s really not a practice. It’s more of a novelty, a fun night out. It’s mostly for people who can’t settle into a yoga class because their mind wanders and they’re not into it, not in the moment, can’t ever be at peace. We swear, yell, scream, laugh, all while getting a good workout holding poses.

She also hopes that at the end of a session, her students will be "Zen as F**k."

The yoga sessions are designed to achieve peace by screaming all the negativity out, according to a Youtube video from an instructor in Kansas City. Trischitti says that while a beer comes with the class, which costs $30, it's not promoting excessive drinking and is meant to be a fun night.

The next class will be taught at Stony Creek on April 8. $30 gets you an hour-long session and a beer. To register, call 203-200-8543. In the meantime, here's a look at a similar class in Kansas City.

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