According to CBS News "Rage Yoga" is so hot right now. One of the pioneers of the movement is Ashley Duzich. She hosts "Rage Yoga" classes in the Houston, TX area and says it's all about "breathing, stretching, mood draws, yoga postures and a lot of bad humor.”

The idea is that we are all angry about something and this is the way to let it out. In the classes they do your typical yoga but mix in swearing and beer breaks. Ashley says she has heard some really funny things in her time doing the classes but the best outburst was when someone yelled "I told you to do the dishes!'”

I love adult beverages, I love swearing and believe it or not, I love yoga. These activities however don't go together. You want a stress relief, a real one, do yoga, without booze and then take a shower and have a glass of booze. You'll be asleep in 9 minutes.

Science. Math. Knowledge. Meditate on that. Or ignore my advice go to "Rage Yoga." Nothing says relaxation like taxing your dehydrated muscles.

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