A Mahopac woman was relaxing in her backyard last Saturday when a gray fox wandered out of nearby woods and attacked her!

The Putnam Daily Voice reported the fox bit and scratched the woman on the ankle severely enough to draw blood. She then tried to get away by running into her house with the fox chasing close behind. Unfortunately her children were inside as the chaos erupted but they were all able to escape while shutting the fox inside and then calling 911.

The Putnam County Department of Health has confirmed that the fox had tested positive for rabies. It is very important that if you're bitten by a rabid animal that you seek treatment IMMEDIATELY. Treatment must begin before rabies symptoms appear or it may be too late. If you suspect that you've been bitten by a rabid animal, call the Putnam County Department of Health right away at 845-808-1390.

Here's a short video that tells you exactly what to do if you happen to have a confrontation with an aggressive or a rabid animal.



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