If you wake up in the morning of a warm Summer day, and all you think about is smashing into someone else in a bumper car, you won't be able to do it in Bristol in 2024.

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According to wfsb.com, Lake Compounce in Bristol has announced that three of it's attractions are being removed from the park - Bumper Cars, the Jolly Jester, and Lake Compounce's longtime attraction - the Trolley. Why? They didn't say, but the Wildcat and Boulder Dash roller coasters will both be upgraded for the 2024 season.

I went over the weight and height limits for most amusement park rides by the time I hit puberty, but I could still fit into bumper cars, they used to be my favorite. The first and last place that I got into a bumper car? Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury. Is Quassy removing it's Bumper Cars for 2024 also? No way. Quassy has always been a better destination, in my opinion, for children rather than Compounce or Six Flags. There have been major upgrades and renovations at Quassy over the years, most recently the Super Himalaya opened for the 2023 season, and 2015 brought the first of many water slide and waterpark additions.

What's coming for 2024 at Quassy? Nothing has been announced so far on their website for 2024, but one thing is certain: If you feel the need to drive into an inattentive 12 year old, or truly tailgate that soccer mom until they drive right into a wall, go to Middlebury this Summer, Bristol has decided to end that bit of nostalgic fun.

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