I am a person who likes conspiracy theories. I have many of my own, some I feel strongly about and others are just funny to me.

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The conspiracy theory known as "Project Blue Beam" is all the rage right now and it has put me in a complicated situation, it conflicts with my position on UFO's and extraterrestrial life. I actually believe the theory is being floated by the very people who are the subjects of the theory (The U.S. Government).

Let me start by explaining what "Project Blue Beam" is supposed to be:

  • A top-secret collaboration by the United Nations and NASA to fool humankind into one religion which will ease the path to one world government.
  • "They" plan to use satellites to beam ultra-realistic images into the atmosphere that all humans would be able to see at once.
  • These images would or could be of religious figures or symbols that are recognizable, they could also be of UFO's and or/extraterrestrials.
  • OK, they shoot their pictures in the air, we all see them, they bombard us with visual images until we all believe one thing, they got us.
  • Now that we are all one religion, it's much easier to convince us all that a one world government AKA New World Order is a good idea.
  • The New World Order takes hold of Earth, run by, you guessed it, The Antichrist and word devolves into chaos, it's anarchy everywhere and terror is the "feel" of the year.
  • Once everyone is ruled by the Antichrist and the New World Order the imagery continues on, with the satellite projections, there are other tech driven mind control tactics used as well, to keep us afraid and reliant on the New World Oder.
  • The overlords now project an alien invasion to make us believe that our only hope for survival is to stay under their control.

Where did it come from? People on the internet (internet people) say the idea for Project Blue Beam came from some French dude in the 1990's, while others believe it was the brain child of Gene Roddenberry the screenwriter for the Star Trek films and a whole different group believe the French dude read the Roddenberry script and tweaked it.

People are going to say that I put the emphasis in the wrong place, people are going to say I listed the steps out of order, and people will say I'm stupid. Trust me, I know people but I don't care, I've given you enough of the elements to tell you why I don't believe it.

It's not because I don't believe there is a clandestine effort to dissolve the world's religions or to dismantle free nations. I do believe there are humans and organizations who want that, just not many at high levels of power, in our own government.

It's because of the timing and what it means for seeing UFO's in the sky. I am a big believer in extraterrestrial life, I'm also a person who thinks a lot of the footage we've seen of UFO's are real, not all but enough.

We are reaching a tipping point in this country. It's no longer shameful to admit in public that you believe in extraterrestrial life. Being a witness of a UFO is no longer a secret you keep to yourself.

There is a secret to keep, but it's not about the New World Order or The Antichrist, it's about our government knowing about the existence of aliens and UFO's. This is their last ditch effort to cover the truth they can no longer hide. How could they get people to believe, they did not see something, when they are certain they saw it?  THIS IS HOW!

"They," (our leaders) are recirculating an old and convenient story to cover their inconvenient truth. Credible witnesses from the U.S. military are talking about what they have seen, in record numbers, pictures and videos of UFO's are getting clearer and it's time to do something. They needed to make a move and it's worked on some people.

I can't believe this conspiracy theory has worked on people, but it has. People are sharing this idea all over the web, talking about it constantly and saying don't believe everything you see in the sky. WHAT!?

Not only do I believe our government knows about intelligent alien life and the origin of UFO's, I'm certain they have been working in concert with some of these extraterrestrial races for decades.

The first time I read the ideas behind the "Blue Beam Project," I knew this is not for me. I won't believe any theory that is based on me ignoring what I see, not trusting my eyes. When you tell someone what they are seeing is not real, you've reached into the bottom of the bag, this is a desperation move.

It used to be, "don't believe everything you read," Amen to that. But, I am not going to sit here and be told don't believe your eyes. Someone actually told me this week that I should not believe my eyes when I look in the sky going forward.

Can't do it.

Really, what this underscores, is that very few people have any trust in our government.

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