Redemption in the form of caring for an animal -- will it do wonders?

We often hear about dog therapy, and we certainly know about the fantastic use of guide dogs and service dogs. Now, comes a story of putting prison inmates and puppies together for the good of others.

Here's a story from that shows a different way to put prison inmates to work.

Prison inmates in Enfield Correctional Institution are helping raise puppies to become service dogs. The puppies are being brought into cells to live with inmates who in turn are training them for veterans.I can't help but think these puppies can also train the inmates in the ways of empathy and more.

The department of corrections' commissioner Scott Semple had this to say to

It’s fantastic. It is had a positive impact on the overall environment of the population and it gives them something to strive for

According to the story veterans, in many instances, are finding a wait of about two years to get a service dog. On a positive note, the article says that the puppy training work the inmates are doing is reportedly cutting the wait time in half for veterans to get a service dog.

If you, or someone you know, would like information on the guide dog and service dog program that is provided by the VA, click on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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