Football is back. The season kicked off last night with the Eagles beating the Falcons 18-12. Now it' my last chance before the local teams get going to give you my predictions which I'm sure are as good as gold.

The N.Y. Giants - This is the team I really have no idea on. They have a new Head Coach, a new GM and a new star running back. What we do know is, that even if they are better than last year, they still would not be the best team in the division. That crown would have to go to the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants of course have to play Philly twice and their out of division schedule is no cake walk. The Giants will face the Falcons, Saints and Panthers this year.

Record - 9-7

The N.Y. Jets - If you read the papers or listen to sports talk radio you know Sam Darnold is the greatest quarterback who ever played football. Problem is he as never taken a snap in a real NFL game. All the talking heads say the guy has all the tools to be an elite NFL QB. Whoopety-DOO! He's a rookie and he is going to make rookie mistakes all season. The Jets Head Coach is still Todd Bowles, which is not good. They are better on paper this year over last but the result will look familiar.

Record - 8-8 (This is being kind) 

The New England Patriots -   They have a weak schedule outside their division and their division still sucks but they will show subtle signs of a dying dynasty. All that said Tom Brady is the QB and Bill Bellichick is the head coach. Pats will be good and win the division.

Record - 10-6. (They will lose their first playoff game) 


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