It's like the anticipation of a summer blockbuster movie. You just gotta hold on, be patient and know you are going to get a wild, cinematic ride. I think that's what the President is saying here. He's looking forward to the divorce of Jezz Bezos from his wife MacKenzie. As you can see from the photo I used, he's so excited, he's "raising the roof." That's as high as he can get his T-Rex arms but he's still throwin' it up!

I come from the "Trump School of Answering Questions." The first thing you learn at the T.S.O.A.Q. is when confronted with a question you are not sure how to answer, just shout the first thing that comes to mind, turn your back and throw up a thumb. This tactic is particularly effective in places like "Chuck E. Cheese." I've also found success at here at the office. I was once asked if I turned in my mandatory, corporate questionnaire and I yelled, "Ask someone who would know!"

This kind of response has a brilliance most cannot recognize. If you want people to stop asking you questions the best way to go, is to shout irrelevant gibberish to the sky, turn and exit stage left. School was in session here and the professor was at the blackboard. Bravo Don John. BRAVO!



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