Lohud.com is reporting that Metro North is threatening to strike over contract disputes.

The proposed strike could affect rail commuters all across Fairfield County and the Hudson Valley. 2,500 engineers and conductors are represented by the Metro North Union. the Chairman of the Connecticut Commuter Railroad Council, Jim Gildea said,

A strike would cause gridlock unlike any we have seen.

The union is claiming that there have been repeated violations of negotiated contracts by Metro North. The union has asked their members to authorize a legalized strike but Metro North officials seem to think that a strike will not happen because of ongoing talks between the union and Metro North officials.

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Connecticut politicians have asked commuters to "stay calm." Easy for them to say since I'm almost certain they don't need to commute on a packed train heading into Manhattan. Keep in mind that talk of a Metro North strike is just that, talk, which has been ongoing with no timeline mentioned.

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