Lenny's on the Beach, a popular hot spot on the water in Old Lyme has disappeared.

An article on wfsb.com. reports that a high-end family restaurant called, Kokomo's has moved in featuring more upscale lunch and dinner fare. After taking a look at the reviews for Lenny's on Yelp and Trip Advisor, I got the impression that the waterside bar/restaurant was more popular with the drinking crowd. Kokomo's new chef, Ernesto Pahl-Lee told WFSB:

Bring in a little higher end cuisine, craft beers, craft sandwiches but done at a higher level but still within the budget for the region.

The chef will also be serving up fresh oysters, traditional seafood pasta, and lobsters. Lenny's closed down because owner Lenny Corto had a dispute with the landlord. Here's what Lenny's was all about.



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