A recent poll indicates Americans are pretty divided on the issue. I want you to have your say.

YouGov conducted a poll of 21,000 adult Americans and 57% of them agree that Valentine's Day is not a "real" holiday. The three actual options they gave respondents were:

  • It's celebrated more because it's a "real" special occasion
  • It's celebrated more because of pressure from commercial entities
  • Don't know

This was the breakdown


In a shocking turn, women answered that "it's celebrated more because of pressure from commercial entities" more than men did. There is a helpful footnote on the study where they mention an earlier study that says 48% of women have been disappointed that a partner did not "do enough" for Valentine's Day.

Let me see if I'm following. Roughly half of women think the holiday is manufactured by corporations making it not real. Additionally, half of women have been let down or disappointed that the holiday did not go their way.

This means that there are women who both feel the holiday is fake and are not happy with its results. That's like getting mad at a unicorn for not blowing you a kiss.

Here's what I know for sure, 100% of people writing this article think this is a massive waste of time, money and emotional energy. This is not because I'm a "tough guy", this is not because I'm not a romantic, it's because love needs no calendar. That should be on a t-shirt.

P.S. Why do people choose "Don't Know" in such inconsequential polls? You do know, you do know, so answer. Notice, I didn't give you the "I don't know" option because it's dumber than the pee pee one. 

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