In a very disturbing story, a local man has been arrested after police say he handed out razor blades to kids with their halloween candy.

According to the Waterbury Police Department, 37-year-old Jason A. Racz has been identified as the suspect following an investigation that reportedly led detectives to his doorstep.

While kids in neighborhoods across the country were trick-or-treating on Thursday evening (October 31), the Waterbury PD received two separate complaints in which parents found razor blades in the candy bags of children who had been in the area of Horseshoe Drive.

Once officers and detectives determined that the reports were in fact credible, police say they were able to narrow the investigation down to the same home on Horseshoe Drive.

When police confronted Jason Racz, he allegedly explained that the razor blades were accidentally spilled into the candy bowl he used, but reportedly could not further explain exactly how the razor blades were handed out to the children. Police also noted that a 3-year-old child living at the home allegedly had access to a box of razor blades.

As the razor blades located with the candy were seized and logged into evidence, Racz was arrested. When he was being escorted through WPD headquarters to be booked, police say he allegedly became "physically non-compliant" and had to be restrained.

Jason A. Racz now faces charges of reckless endangerment, risk of injury to a minor and interfering with a police officer. He is being held on a $250,000 bond, pending arraignment.

In a statement, Waterbury's Lieutenant David Silverio said, "Parents and guardians are asked to please carefully check all of the candy their children collected for any signs of tampering or any unsafe objects included with the candy. If anything suspicious is noted or any unsafe objects were collected with the candy please contact the police. No other similar incidents have been reported to the police and no injuries were reported as a result of this incident."

We always hear that this type of thing could happen, but in all honesty, it always seemed like distant rumors and maybe even alarmist parents being a bit overprotective. But when it actually happens, and so close to home, it makes it that much more disturbing.

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