Double whammy for this young accused thief from Waterbury.

Careers are a good thing. Making crime your career, not so much.

Back in Feb.of 2016 a story appeared on about Samuel Lopez and four others that West Hartford Police arrested. According to the story, police were called to the parking lot at Verizon Wireless for a report of an armed robbery.

In that incident Samuel Lopez, of Waterbury was one of those arrested. He was 18 at the time and was charged with first-degree robbery/conspiracy, first-degree larceny, second-degree larceny/conspiracy, two counts of weapons in a motor vehicle, theft of a firearm, and altering a serial number/firearm. Add to that, Lopez was also charged with engaging in pursuit, reckless driving, and misuse of plates.

Fast forward to July 13 of 2017 when this report was released by the Newtown Police Department. Detectives arrested and processed Samuel Lopez on an outstanding arrest warrant at Danbury Superior Court for committing a Larceny 2nd Degree.

Lopez and another, yet to be named, accomplice were believed by police to be tied to the theft of a vehicle from a Newtown residence located on Swamp Road from January of 2016. The stolen vehicle was a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Shortly after the theft of the stolen car, it was found abandoned, in the City of Waterbury.

Police say that through DNA evidence collected from the interior of the stolen vehicle, Samuel Lopez was identified as a suspect. Lopez was held at Danbury Superior Court pending arraignment.

On top of the new charges, Lopez is currently serving a 5 year sentence for the February of 2016 armed robbery in West Hartford Connecticut.

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