What could have been a horrible tragedy, had a happy ending for a New Haven women after she left her two children alone in her car, and then the car was stolen.

According to Police, the mother of two left the children, a 9-month-old girl and her 5-year-old brother, in the her car parked outside a school Wednesday night in New Haven while she went inside to get a third child.

When the mother came out, the car and the children were gone.

The incident took place outside the Roberto Clemente School in New Haven around 5:30 PM Wednesday afternoon.

Fortunately Kasandra Monteiro, who just happened to take a different route home from her job in New Haven because of traffic, spotted the two children alone, and knew she had to stop to help them.

She explained to wtnh.com what happened:

I got out of the car and then went straight to them, I was with my phone ready calling 911 saying that there’s two kids on the side of the road and asking them if they’re okay and then brought them into the car. The 9-month-old was still in her car seat and was being guarded by her big brother. There’s a reason why I had to get off at the wrong exit, I guess God put me on this road for a reason.

The children were reunited with their mother shortly after being taken to the hospital for evaluation, and are said to be okay. New Haven police and the Department of Children and Families are investigating the incident.

New Haven police are reporting that the stolen Mercedes SUV has been found, and the suspects who stole the car were apprehended Thursday afternoon.

Here's the actual news report from WTNH:

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