Scratch Bakery is a popular Milford business and police say it was the scene of a crime on August 28 of this year. According to the Patch Milford police arrested 27 year old Christopher Carr on Wednesday (10/2/19) and charged him with third-degree burglary, sixth-degree larceny and second-degree criminal mischief.

Carr is being held in lieu of $45,000 bond. Court records show he's pleaded guilty to similar crimes in the past. Scratch Bakery is located at 84 Broad Street and their menu boasts an intense lineup of delicious baked goods. They have everything from Ham and Cheese on Ciabatta to Cobb Salad (invented by Bob Cobb) to delicious desserts and pastries. Go check em' out and maybe we find a silver lining for Scratch.

Onto the man accused of breaking and entering Scratch. I'm never one to excuse crime whether convicted or alleged but maybe, just maybe this individual wanted to meet the muffin man. If the question is "Do you know the muffin man?" And the answer to that question is "no" that could be frustrating. I don't have this problem, I know the muffin man, I AM THE MUFFIN MAN. I don't sit on my biscuit, never having to risk it. I risk it with my biscuit and I'm never bluffin' with my muffin.' Food for thought.

Does Scratch Bakery have muffins? Your damn right they do and they are mini-muffins, I love mini-muffins. Get to know the muffin man, go to Scratch Bakery, just go when they are open and welcome you.

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