A Connecticut woman ended up being arrested on a DUI charge after waving hello to police.

Police say the 44-year-old Darien, CT woman pulled up along side Darien Police Officers on Old Farm Road around 1:00 am Sunday, and simply waved.

According to Patch, the woman named Allison was reportedly observed driving at a slow rate of speed in a white sedan. When the woman pulled up alongside the police, they say they thought the woman was trying to get their attention, so they approached her car. Authorities allege that as they got close, she suddenly left the scene.

The seemingly odd driving behavior prompted Darien police to pursue the sedan, they they pulled her over, and this is when they say they detected an odor of alcohol. The woman allegedly agreed to a breathalyzer, but would not comply with police officers instructions. The woman was taken into custody, charged with DUI and was released on $250 bond.

Drinking and driving is a dangerous game. Don't do it. Innocent people minding their own business could get hurt. Hopefully this Allison learns her lesson. You shake it off, take a shower, towel off, deal with your legal issues, then come wave at me sober.

We couldn't show her mugshot here, but she was smiling in it. I'll never understand the smiling in mugshots. NEVER. It's Banana Town, USA. I can't relate. You have to be unusually pleasant or extremely off. You know, who smiles in a mugshot? Be miserable in a mugshot. It's the appropriate response, unless you are going to start a multi-billion dollar per year cartel and go to war with your own government. She has a nice smile, but put it on the shelf for a few.

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