A Connecticut woman has been accused of either biting or cutting off a man's finger tip and then posting all about it on social media.

According to WFSB, officers responded to St. Francis Hospital on Saturday night where a man was being treated for the finger injury, believed to have been caused by 34-year-old Anna Lindo of Bloomfield.

The man told police that Lindo first attempted to attack him with a brick and during the scuffle, she removed his finger by either cutting it of or biting it. Police also say that Lindo and the man were in a prior relationship. Anna Lindo has been charged with disorderly conduct and first degree assault. The finger was found inside of a car, according to police, but was not able to to be reattached. Police also say Lindo allegedly boasted about the incident on in Facebook videos, even reportedly showing a piece of the finger to her followers. Anna Lindo was held on $250,000 bond.

These are alleged crimes and the following analysis is not an expression or suggestion of guilt. Now that personal protection is in place as it pertains to litigation, let's take the alleged actions in the order they allegedly happened:

  • The attack started with a brick? Where are people getting these bricks? Are there that many loose bricks in the world? Back in the early 2000s there was a rash of brick attacks by hobos, thankfully that trend seemed to slow down but where were the hobos getting the bricks?
  • This man claims his finger was removed during the brick scuffle. So if we can assume, for arguments sake, she (Lindo) is allegedly swinging the brick with one hand, he reportedly tries to restrain her with one, how does she then manage to grab the other hand, bite/cut a finger off? You'd have to be both stealth and ambidextrous to pull that move off. The window is small to remove this finger, so my bet is on biting versus cutting. In the cutting scenario, you have to distract his one defensive hand with the brick and both secure and cut with your other hand.
  • I'm always fascinated to learn what happens after the appendage is removed. The WFSB article leaves a bit to be desired on this matter. They say it was found and that doctors were not able to reattach it. That's not enough. I need statistics on what happens to a digit or organ that is cut off. Is it most often thrown in the woods, out a car window, hidden, left where it falls? Where was this finger when they found it?
  • She allegedly bragged about the incident on Facebook video after it happened? Rather than try and analyze how someone might allegedly bite off someone's finger, let's look into the preferred social media distribution network. Why not go Instagram? I feel like this would have had a much better reach on "Insta" than "The Book." Zuckerberg and his lackeys are burying things for fun these days. (P.S. I do know Instagram is a Facebook product. I also know reach on the two platforms are determined by very different factors.)

It's another case of more questions than answers, I guess. I'll never get the information I crave, but asking the questions always makes me feel better.

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