Tuesday night, the Seymour Police Department assisted the Waterbury Police Department in an investigation of a stolen police cruiser.

As reported by the Republican American, Waterbury Police located and arrested 33-year-old Kristian Rivera, of Waterbury. He's alleged to have assaulted a Waterbury police officer, stole their police cruiser, crashed the cruiser in Seymour and abandoned it.

Here's how it all reportedly went down. Police say Rivera has been wanted in connection to an incident back in October, in which they believe he stole a woman's car while she was pumping gas in the area of Xpress Fuel on Wolcott Street. In that incident, the woman was apparently pumping gas at the time, and authorities say she got her hand partially stuck in the pump handle and was dragged a short distance sustaining injuries to her face.

According to the report, Rivera was spotted by an officer in the very late hours, just the other night as he was reportedly walking along a street in the Brooklyn section of Waterbury.

Once recognized, the wanted man allegedly tried to flee again, but the officer reportedly took him to the ground. After a struggle, Rivera allegedly ran over to the officer's parked police cruiser, jumped in and took off.

From there, officers from Seymour spotted the stolen cop car headed southbound on Route 8, following it until the cruiser drove off of the roadway at a roundabout and stuck a sign. That's when Rivera reportedly hopped out and evaded police yet again.

About 3.5 hours later, a local homeowner called police to let them know a person was in their yard. Officers then say they located Rivera under the home's porch. He was taken into custody and allegedly was holding a small amount of crack cocaine.

Seymour Police Department
Seymour Police Department

If Rivera is found guilty I think we can all agree we have a sub-par human being here. For now, I'll reserve judgement, as it's only fair to do, ya know, given our country's justice system and all. Instead, I'll judge the mugshot, which is a photographic fact. What we have here is an all-time classic winner of a photo.

  • Supercuts, "Every Time."
  • Don't let the business casual attire fool you, I have a darker side (allegedly)
  • That face you make when they run out of Popeye's chicken sandwiches
  • Tried to book a $20 dollar Jet Blue Flight two days after the promotion ended and now I'm sad.
  • Moley Cow
  • Reminder: A good sleep cycle is the key to healthy living
  • Someone's cousin always brings this guy to a family party to introduce they are dating without asking permission, the rest of the day is ruined
  • Has two mix tapes for sale at your local Mobil on the Run
  • Responds to every observation with the phrase, "no doubt"
  • Put a lift kit, florescent lights, sound system an enormous rear spoiler on a Subaru
  • Attempted to pawn Ed Hardy T-shirt collection 3 years too late
  • Wears apparel from all sports teams, does not watch sports
  • Didn't understand what all the fuss was about during the Michael Vick scandal
  • Has a tattoo of his cousins name on him somewhere, the person is not actually his cousin
  • Says his favorite movie is "Scarface," has a "Scarface" poster, has never seen the movie
  • Home contains all the items that were borrowed and never returned in human history
  • Dracula has fallen on hard times

I'm proud of my work here, now please exit back out of the article and leave your caption.

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