Connecticut is a relatively safe place in the world. There aren't any wild tigers or lions running through Heritage Village in Southbury. But there are a couple of reptiles, insects, and plants that could hurt you. My neighbor recently went out hiking, and got into poison ivy. Yikes. If you haven't seen a poison ivy rash up close, consider yourself lucky, it's repulsive. One thing she said struck me, she said that she didn't recognize the poison ivy, even though she had Googled the image. So, in the hopes that you search poisonous plants, snakes, etc and the word Connecticut together, I wrote this article and gathered some really good images of the most common poisonous things to avoid while you're hiking through the great state of Connecticut.

7 Poisonous Things To Avoid While You're Hiking in CT

If you do come into contact with anything poisonous here in the state of Connecticut, there is help. Call the Connecticut Poison Control Center Hotline at 800-222-1222, or click HERE for their website

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