Connecticut, it’s the home of collared shirts and Sperry’s.

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It’s the birthplace of the phrase “do you know who my father is?” In CT, you don’t go on vacation, you “summer.” College students don’t go to state college, they attend an Ivy League schools and they study abroad.

The adults buy things they’ll never use, and senior citizens can spend their twilight years dangling inheritance over their families’ heads.  These are just stereotypes, right? The answer is yes for most CT residents but someone must live this life.

If you’re going to live life as the villain in an 80’s movie, you’d most likely do it in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich is “old money”, where the Uber wealthy live and play. The home you are about to see is in Greenwich, in a gated community, that Is inside another gated community, no joke.

All Along the Posh Tower, Glorious $15 Million Connecticut Estate Hits the Market

This home is not a home it’s not an address, it’s 3 full addresses in a gated community, that sits inside a gated community. It’s a playground, a trophy and a showpiece for anyone who can afford the price tag. Here’s how I will do this; the top line will be what I’d say to you, if I was the realtor, and the bottom line will be wiseass commentary for my own sick amusement. 

If anything I’ve said here in any way impacts the sale price of this home, you’ve all officially lost it. Don’t take my comments too seriously, I just couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I helped sell this home. Don’t forget, life is not worth living without laughter, or $15 million.

The property is listed with Douglas Elliman and the listing agent is Evangela Brock.

P.S. If I was rich, I’d be a more obnoxious version of Bobby Axelrod from the Showtime series “Billions.” I’d be bullying wine snobs, doing donuts on the 8th green, I’d have turn every formal, self-congratulatory gathering into a mockery. That, or like all humans I’d adapt to my surroundings, fall in line and play nice. It could really go either way, who is to say?

P.S. #2 -  It’s truly a beautiful place and I love it very much.

This Candlewood Lake Hype Video Will Remind You Why You Live Here

As we head into March, a long, icy winter is coming to a close and it can’t end soon enough. All of us have been uncomfortable and inconvenienced by the weather the way we are every year. You work to clear snow; you anticipate and prepare for weather and we all endure it.

We need a break, and it’ coming soon. I often make fun of people whose solution to the seasons is to move to Florida. I say they can’t hack it; they are not big enough to ride this ride or we don’t want them. If I am being fair, by this time every year, I am reconsidering my position on this.

Living here can be brutal but the horizon is coated in sunlight. For many of us, Candlewood Lake is why we live here. It is center stage for our personal entertainment and relaxation. Right about now, we need a reminder of why we live here and what is to come for our spring and summer.

To that end, I was daydreaming today, cruising videos of Candlewood Lake in the summer and I found a Youtube video from 2020. It was posted by Olini Media and, in less than two years it has almost 5,000 views

JK's Texas Hot Weiners Has Nearly 100 Year History in Danbury

How does one family owned business survive for nearly 100 years? I don't know the answer, but the folks at JK's Texas Hot Weiners in Danbury do. Not only does JK's serve a unique and delicious product with care, but they do it together and it's evident in their history. 

15 Ways to Say You're from CT, Without Saying you're from Connecticut

Depending upon the individual, CT could be great, it could suck, it could be pretty, it could be a dump. There are a wide variety of things people could take into consideration to develop an opinion on the Nutmeg or Constitution State (CT Is both). However, there are certain identifying markers that set the state apart from the rest of the country. There are things you cannot help but notice in Connecticut. A Reddit user asked others to "Say they are from Connecticut without saying it." These are some of the great answers people came up with. 

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