You may read of our stories each day and wonder how some of these ideas arise.  For instance, I feel that I need to provide some insight into today’s story title.  Around Valentine’s Day, “Pizza of My Heart” was staring back at me from a pair of socks I had seen on a store display.  It made me cringe because it clearly had gotten by the proofreading team of whoever designed these socks.  Surely “Pizza My Heart” was correct (Pizza My Heart like Piece of My Heart) there shouldn’t have been “of” in the phrase “Pizza of My Heart” on those socks I saw.

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This lasting memory was re-engaged the other day, I can’t remember the conversation that spurred it.  But it did give me an idea for an article.  It got me thinking about customs I’ve witnessed involving pizza on the east coast that I’d never seen back home in mid-western Kansas.

The first time I witnessed this was seeing my more-than-significant other folding her pizza upon the first time we had ordered a pie together after I moved to NY.  I was intrigued by this practice and asked her why she had done that.  She shrugged and said “I’ve just always done that, don’t you?”  I chuckled and responded that I hadn’t.  Over the last few years, I realized she was not the only NY’er engaging in said practice, her family and friends all did it too.  I’ve read various reasons why people may fold their pizza like that.  Theory 1 was that NY and Connecticut pizza is much larger than pizza from other states and that the slices were just too large to hold open and eat in any dignified fashion. Theory 2 was that it kept the multitude of toppings from falling out all over one’s plate.

It spurred my interest enough that I found through some quick online reading that there are many unique rituals that people engage in when devouring this delicious fast food staple.  I’ve heard of people eating pizza crust first, slicing their pizza with shears vs. pizza cutter, cutting their slices with a knife and fork, and even piling two slices back to back like a sandwich.

A simple Google search says:

"While 28% eat it the traditional no-frills way, 18% prefer to eat the crust first, 17% fold it in half, 14% sandwich two slices together, and 8% reach for a knife and fork before enjoying a slice. Jan 28, 2022 *There is no accounting for the other 15%."

There have even been reports of how one’s pizza-eating style reflects personality.  I’m interested in two specific goals with this article.  What is your pizza-eating style? Please elaborate on why you enjoy your pizza that way.  Second, please share your opinion on the best local pizzerias I absolutely MUST try!  I look forward to reading your contributions in the comments section.

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