Newtown, Connecticut, welcomed the northeast's first railroad in 1840, and the rest is history.

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It was the morning of January 19th, 2019, when my long time friend, Mike Cech picked me up at the original location of the Housatonic Railroad station across the street from the Blue Colony Diner off Exit 10 of I-84 in Newtown.

I've known for quite some that Mike is quite the history buff, which is why we were going exploring to find the remnants of the Shepaug and Housatonic Railroads that he had researched and then documented for our field trip. His extensive knowledge and fascination with these two railroads were so infectious, I had to see for myself. Join me as we flashback to the late 19th century.

Remnants of the Housatonic and Shepaug Valley Railroads

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