While most reports of the riots out of Philadelphia were not as bad as expected, they still DID riot. According to CBS Philadelphia one car was turned over, one fire was lit, 6 light poles were ripped down and someone broke the awning at the Ritz Carlton.

This was actually expected to be worse. That being said, it's still not good. If you ripped down 1 light post, it's one too many. I like to get wild and all but why does destroying someone else's property make people happy?

"Our team won the big game, I am happy, I am so happy I want to break my city, are you with me?" That's basically what this boils down to. It would make more sense to me if they decided to try and riot in someone else's city, like Boston. It's still wrong but it seems more logical. Maybe Philly as a collective cannot handle it's booze?

Fans flying to the game got in there own hi jinx. Eagle fans on a Spirit Airlines flight to Minnesota were asked to quiet down and this is how they reacted.

No one should be surprised, this is the city who booed Santa and threw snowballs at him.



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