Is this real life? I have to ask myself that question a few times a year and tomorrow is one of those days. When I try and think about why I got into this business, the answer was simple way back when. The answer was the music. This Rock and Roll music I love so much.

So, when we get an opportunity to talk to someone like Peter Frampton I get chills. The man is an unquestionable Rock and Roll legend and this will be the third time I have had the pleasure to speak to him.

This time around he is coming on to talk about a few things. He is promoting his new single "I saved a bird today."

The song is literally about Peter saving a bird. The story is really cool and he will tell it tomorrow. He is also promoting his summer tour with Steve Miller and his current acoustic tour which will bring him to Paramount Hudson Valley Theater on April 6th. Don't miss Peter Frampton live tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show at 8:15.

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