People getting sick at Yale School of Medicine. Isn't that a bit ironic?

It seems as if a coffee maker in New Haven may have caused some havoc yesterday, at of all places, a school of medicine, which feels like irony to me.

This is our beloved coffee maker at work. Not that the coffee maker itself is beloved, but the fact that it produces what I call the "elixir of life" every morning makes it one of the most important pieces of equipment at the radio station! So I totally understand the need for java. But getting sick from it is a sad story indeed.

In a story from, it appears the coffee maker did it. The report says that at least three people felt sick and lightheaded after drinking from a water source, believed to be a coffee maker, at the Yale School of Medicine. All of the people affected were either Yale faculty or students.

According to, even the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection got involved. They are taking a look at the coffee maker and the cups. I'd like to personally invite the DEEP into the radio station to take a look at our scary coffee pot situation before people drop like flies around here. Though given the inconsideration of the java lovers I work with, maybe I'll just let the chips fall where they may.

Pam Rants About the i95 Coffee Pot Situation

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