I really do not own a cell phone. It's been probably six months since I have had one and even before that I only had a flip phone. I am more than OK with this. I actually have enjoyed life more without a phone at all.

Without a phone I have spent more quality time with people without any distraction, I pay closer attention at work and I don't have any social crutch. If I am in a conversation or interacting with someone I am all in.

People actually do not believe me when I say I do not have a phone. It's hard enough to believe in general but I am literally in the communications business. People think I just do not wanna give them my number. Truth is, that IS part of the reason I abandoned having a phone. I do not want to deal with a large group of people being able to reach out to me whenever they want. It's so nice knowing people cannot reach me. The people who I work with and the people who are my real friends can still reach me if they need to.

However, my time without a phone is coming to an end. I have a pregnant wife who will be giving birth in a matter of weeks. I drive an unreliable, old truck and I am on the road in the middle of the night in the dark and cold alone. I need it for emergencies and convenience.

The phone is happening soon. It will be part of my life again. This time however it will not be a leash like it is for so many. I have lived  the freedom of not having one so I know how great it can be. This time around, I will only have it on me when Erica and I are traveling separately and only a handful of necessary people will have my number.

The question now is, what overpriced, largely unnecessary phone do I buy?

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