In Las Vegas, Nevada, there is an actual church that worships the satisfying taste of bacon. The United Church of Bacon is a legal church that is active with over 11,000 members nationwide.

The church currently has nine commandments that cover everything from being a good citizen to not discriminating religion, and to simply just enjoy bacon. They are actively involved in charity events, and also preform legal weddings-for free.

The church was founded in 2010 by Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller. It appears that the organization's main goal is to prevent discrimination against atheists.

Here is an expert from their site:

Are you tired of religious people being seen as morally superior to atheists? Of religions getting special privileges in the law, because they’re perceived as better than secular non-profit organizations?

As a protest, atheist friends of magician Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller had a fantastic idea in 2010. Let’s start a real, legal church with a funny name, and then demand the same rights as mainstream religions:

  • We oppose supernatural claims. We are skeptics and atheists. In our religion, we doubt religion.
  • We fight discrimination. Atheists are not inferior and should not be hated and marginalized.
  • We raise money for charity while accepting no donations for ourselves. We do not claim tax exempt status.
  • We perform legal weddings, always for free. How joyful!
  • We expose religious privileges as silly by claiming the same rights for Bacon.
  • Praise Bacon If you prefer to praise Vegetarian Bacon or Turkey Bacon that is fine!

We now have nearly 10,000 members from around the world and have performed hundreds of weddings. Join us! Raise your voice in protest, and to Praise Bacon!

Bacon and Brew starts at 3 PM on Saturday, July 16 at the City Center Green in Danbury. In addition to a plethora of bacon dishes and selection of craft beers, we’ll have four live bands (Jake Kulak, Dizzyfish, Rick Derringer, and The Georgia Satellites), vendors, games, prize giveaways and more.

Tickets are $15 online and will be $20 at the door.