'Rumor has it' is why hoards of people mostly teenagers and young adults flocked to a popular, local hotspot in New Canaan all to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift eating lunch with two of her a-list best friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Was Taylor's Kansas City Chief boyfriend Travis Kelce there, too?

It all happened at Elm restaurant according to US Magazine where Swifties and beyond were surrounding the restaurant, which was closed by the way for lunch, only doing takeout. So was the restaurant closed so the celebrities could dine in peace? Actually, no one even knows if they were there. After all of that, it appears to either be a hoax, a rumor, or they were so stealthy that no one ever saw them go into Elm or leave.

According to US Magazine, the rumor started at New Canaan High School after the mother of one of the students posted on social media that Elm’s owners shut down the restaurant for Taylor. As you can literally see from the video, fleeing to the restaurant because of these rumors was a site to see in downtown New Canaan.

According to Page Six, Elm restaurant had to lock its doors as hundreds of people started wrapping around the building obviously trying to get a glimpse of Taylor, Blake, Ryan, and even Travis as the rumors soon started including that he was there, too. The Elm staff even had to go outside to hand out delivery orders to those picking them up just to keep the restaurant Some fans even tried to force their way into the hotspot and all delivery orders had to be placed outside.

Page Six says even the New Canaan fire department and police department eventually showed up to control the crowd. Meanwhile, Elm says they won't confirm or deny if Taylor and the gang were eating there however photos of Travis in Kansas City practicing at the time prove at least he wasn't there.

PS: Blake does live just 15 minutes from New Canaan. Hmmmmmmmm.

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