After consulting an expert on any topic, I like to get a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion. To gather those I go to Reddit. Here are the latest opinions I'm feasting on.

Hyasfuq on liquor stores:

When and if they close Package Stores, that's when you know the s--- is super critical.

Dark Snorlax had this to say about his job staying open because it's in a grocery store:

Mine operates inside a grocery store so they refuse to shut down so I told them I'm staying home regardless

AustinC79 responds by saying:

…aaand you’re fired!

SilverIdaten is grateful to still be able to make money with a bonus message for Game Stop:

I’m just glad I still have work as a food driver. Also obligatory f--- GameStop.

Therealhaste echoes this message to the video game retailer:

Seriously f--- GameStop.

A few comments more on GameStop and the discussion took a hard turn back to liquor stores being classified as essential businesses in the State of CT during the COVID-19 health crisis with From_My_Brain saying:

Package stores are essential. We cant have alcoholics having withdrawals and taking up hospital beds.

Someone claiming to be a nurse going by Who-dee-knee responds:

Detox patients are the last thing I want to deal with as a nurse. Stay home and keep drinking.

BaconRoad to Who-dee-knee:

Thank you for your service.

Finally from KrustyButtCheecks:

Can’t beat getting drunk and listening to ram jam.

Truer words were never spoken. I know ButtCheecks wrote them but I imagine they said it aloud while typing it, I would have.

P.S. If the claims in the thread are true the anger aimed at GameStop is because they are saying they are essential and therefore staying open. I'll investigate this matter further. If what these folks are saying is true, my next blog will be titled; "F--- GameStop."

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