No lie, my heart is heavy as I say good bye to the i95 listeners and my awesome co-workers.

Saying "so long", at least for now, is never easy. Packing up the house that we've lived for 23 years has been a task no one wants. As I've boxed up the 3 bedroom, 3 floor house chock full of stuff in every nook and cranny I've realized I'm a bit of a pack rat. Not quite a hoarder, but still an over board shopper and decorator. I have, however, unearthed some treasures from my career. Take a look:

The truth of it is, these pictures just scratch the surface of my time and experiences on i95, WHCN and WPDH. I could have made at least 10 of these "trips down memory lane" videos, but figured, enough of me already!

My god it's been a fun time all these years. Do you think the big wigs at i95 would let me change my mind? You know how fickle women can be ;)

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