Not that long ago someone in my family got sick.

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I dropped everything and made this person's health my number one focus. Of course I'm no healthcare professional so that meant trips to the ER, the pharmacy, making soup and fluffing pillows.

Until recently, I've not had any serious health problems in my family and I'm thankful for that but it also bred some ignorance. I've read about how the healthcare community is overwhelmed, and heard the stories about human gridlock at the doctor's offices, pharmacies and hospitals but I've not really experienced it until now.

It is way worse than I imagined, the emergency rooms are packed with people waiting hours to be seen, the pharmacy workers don't have time to answer the phone calls and doctor's offices are pushing people off for weeks just to get appointments.

I have a newfound respect for the folks that are very sick, and for the people that are caring for them from doctors, to nurses and family members. All of this to say, there are some places I'd skip all together if you find yourself in the situation we were in.

Avoid This Drive-Thru Pharmacy Line 

I'd put the Drive-Thru at the Walgreen's pharmacy on Main Street in Danbury at the top of that list. I used to blame this on the workers but I can tell now, it's not their fault. I was stuck in that line the other day observing how everything was going down. People are pulling up to the window without their insurance cards or any relevant information ready.

The worst part is, there have been several times where I wanted to exit the line but could not. There is an open lane available where you should be able to get out but the most inexplicable thing keeps happening, some jackass is always blocking it.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

It's cut out of the picture I took above but where the arrow is pointing there is a second lane that is supposed to be open. The last few times I've been there,there has been a car waiting in-line for the pharmacy window and blocking the open lane at the same time. You also cannot back out of the line when it's busy so you're stuck.

The driving, the parking, anything involving a motor vehicle in Downtown Danbury is as bad as it can be. From what I've seen 90% of the people have zero idea of how they are supposed to drive a car, and another 5% seem to intentionally drive dangerously.

If you need medicine in a hurry you're probably better off going inside because at least you can abort that mission if you choose. If you're planning any trip Downtown rethink it or getting ready to use all of your mirrors and keep your head on a swivel. People are routinely making some head scratching moves.


Emergency Room Waits 

We had to go to the Emergency room twice last week. We went to Danbury Hospital and New Milford Hospital. The workers were very nice and appeared to care deeply about our situation at both hospitals but the wait times were astronomical. It was over two hours at Danbury and just about three hours at New Milford Hospital.


  • Main Street Danbury Sucks at Driving
  • The Main Street Walgreen's Drive-Thru is a non-starter
  • Don't have an emergency
  • I feel for the healthcare workers and the folks that are dealing with chronic issues
  • I'm scared for the future

P.S. Since this health situation is not quite in the rear view mirror, I may be adding other places to the list of "skips."

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