Vegas has weighed in and the Over/Under number is set for arrests at the "Storm Area 51" event. According to Forbes, Las Vegas set the number at 8.5 people. This means if you bet the over, you think 9 people or more will be arrested while trying to "Storm Area 51." If you bet the under you think 8 people or less will be arrested in the desert on September 20th.

There are other wagers (prop bets) you can you make on the event but the safe bet is that this is going to be very interesting. If you want my opinion on the bet, I'd take the over. Even though officials from the two counties that will be most affected by the influx of strangers, have warned against people going there due to infrastructure issues, many will attend. Will it be the 2.5 million people that have signed up to go on Facebook? Of course this will not be the case but never underestimate the interest in this topic.

I've been following this story and writing about it consistently since it broke and I believe I've been consistent in my feelings on the matter. Let's review the things I believe to be true as they relate to "Storm Area 51."

  • Next week, we could be reading about people who went to 'Storm Area 51" and never came back. The U.S. Government will kill it's own citizens in the interest of protecting national security secrets and they would 1000% keep the kill/kills a secret.
  • If there, ever were alien craft, alien bodies or reverse engineered alien crafts, they are long gone from Area 51. Once the Government officially recognized the facilities existence in 2013, they made sure anything of interest had been moved to Area's 52, 53 and beyond.
  • Thousands will descend upon Lincoln and Nye counties in Nevada to celebrate "Storm Area 51" in one way or another. Both counties have declared preemptive states of emergency. They say they do not have the infrastructure to house or feed the many visitors.
  • In the aftermath, whatever that is, the Government will make strict, swift policy changes regarding facilities that house National Security secrets. No fly zones and no entry zones will be expanded further out than they already are. I also believe the Government will pass laws that will make it illegal, to call for action against these facilities in both the traditional media and social media.

Final Thoughts (Jerry Springer style) - 

The interest in the topic of UFO's, UAP's and extraterrestrial life will never wane. Humans will forever seek answers to the unknown. I believe, like many, our Government knows far more about these topics than they have admitted.

You have your Government admitting that unidentifiable aircraft, engaged U.S. military aircraft and, if the information had not been leaked, they would have never told you. Let me say that again, they are admitting they would not tell you that aircraft they cannot identify engaged U.S. aircraft. Don't you think the public has the right to know that?

I think it's important to note, that according to the Navy pilots involved in the incident in question, who've gone on record, all agree these crafts (whatever they are) vastly outperformed ours. Truth bubbles are bursting and it's about to get real. Get the popcorn, Friday is going to be bananas.

Luis Elizondo (Former Head of Pentagon AATIP Program) on U.F.O. capabilities. 



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