I want to make something clear: this is NOT my list.

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I take TV lists very seriously and I don't want to be personally associated with this rundown. Look, there are some good shows on here but if I was doing a Top 7 for 2023, this would not be it and even the shows I like would not make my "top" anything.

Making stream lists for people is the 2020's version of the mix tape it requires passion and says a lot about you as a person. This is not me.

This list will give you an idea of what Connecticut was into this year and I have to say I disagree with everything the Nutmeg State liked.

Data Uncovers CT's 7 Most Popular TV Shows - Not My Vibe

Connecticut residents are'nt just watching a ton of Netflix shows, they are searching for them in big numbers. CSGO Luck conducted a study using Google data to find Connecticut's Most searched TV shows of 2023. I like some of these shows but if I were making a Top 7 list, this would not be my "vibe" to borrow a word from my wife.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

I have to say that Netflix is the most overrated streaming service there is. There is no professional sports available (yet), they rely too heavily on foreign films, they don't come out with original content often enough and they raise their rates every six months.

If I were going to pay for just two streams I would go with Hulu Live and HBO Max. That is the most quality bang for your buck. I know Netflix comes out with a couple must-see titles a year but outside of that it's a lot nonsense.

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P.S. I am going to have to make the definitive TV stream list for all time. The concern is that I will spend weeks refining it and no one will care. Actually, even if no one reads it, I will open the list once a week and stare at my selections in the dark, like a creeper.

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