This is never the type of article someone wants to write. As we know, the pandemic has really taken a toll on so many of our local businesses. Just last week, we reported another local business that had to shut its doors due to the pandemic.

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According to WFSB, more than 600 Connecticut restaurants have now had to shut their doors since the start of the pandemic in March. That is so, so sad. To some, these restaurants are people's dreams and aspirations.

Chris Bateman, owner of Crafted by Hand Café in New Haven, told WFSB, "this was always a dream of mine that I had for twenty something years, to have my own place." He continued on to talk about the harsh reality of owning your own place, even when everything shuts down, "your rent doesn't change, your electricity bill doesn't change, all your normal overhead stays the same, just not enough people to eat".

With the coming months of cold weather, means little to no outdoor seating and operating at 50% indoor capacity due to Connecticut's Phase 2.1 rollback, restaurants are taking a huge hit. Restaurants are doing what they can to keep both customers and employees safe, but they will need help.

This is an important reminder for everyone to do what they can this holiday season for our local restaurants. If you don't feel comfortable eating indoors, get takeout, buy gift cards, and do everything you can to support our local businesses. They need you.

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