Are you dreading not having an Easter Egg Hunt this year? Well, no worries. We got you. Since people can't go out and physically have an Egg Hunt, we thought, why not have one virtually?

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So that's exactly what we're doing. The Easter Bunny has moved this hunt digitally, and hid about a dozen eggs throughout our website. Each egg will have a specified code word attached to it. When you find each egg, click on it, and it will direct you over to our contesting page where you can enter each word. The more eggs you find, the better chance you have at winning!

The best part? The winning prize is a $200 Visa Gift Card!

Here's an example to get you started:


Click on the egg, and it will take you over to our contesting page. Enter the code word on the egg with its corresponding number. This is egg number 1 and the code word is "EASTER". You will have officially submitted your first entry, congrats! But, don't stop there. There's more eggs to be found. Happy Hunting!

This contest will be ending on Sunday, April 19th at 11:59 EST.

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