The Senate Democratic Majority said no to highway tolls in a closed door meeting Wednesday with CT Governor Ned Lamont. According to the CT Mirror Lamont had this to say:

“We had a chance to go state senator-by-state senator, exactly what it means for your town, exactly what it means for the future of the state. They came back and said ‘Boy, there’s some political issues here. Let’s think about it. ”


That's how he talks, "Oh Boy." That's nerd talk but the difference is a nerd will eventually craft a good idea. This guy is an absurd failure, a joke and a disaster for the State of Connecticut. His own party hates his ideas.

Everyone would agree the transportation infrastructure in the State is dangerously past due for improvements.  That's what Lamont said he would have used a lot of the tolling revenue for. I'm not giving him a cookie, a pat on the back or a high five for identifying that. He was also told like a million times by most every city, municipality and anti-toll group that this would not happen. So, that's a thumbs down for knowing he would fail and continuing with the dance.

He had to drive to the Capital this week to hear from his own party that it would not happen? Why? Don't they talk? Doesn't he have their numbers? Of course he doesn't, would you give him your number? He's a herb, he'll call and say, "Hi" instead of "hey." He'll call when he could text and worse than that he'll actually leave voicemails. This dude is the worst.

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