Holiday Diner has been a constant in Danbury for decades.

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The family-owned and operated eatery is popular with locals and anyone with taste buds. Holiday is famous for their milkshakes, like really this is what they do and everyone knows it.

Just about a month ago, a new player, Sonic emerged on the very same road, White Street. This must appear as a threat to the folks at Holiday because they wasted no time, launching war on Sonic.

Owner George Holiday posted a video to Instagram on August 26, letting Sonic, and the world know, he would not take this lying down. The video was tagged with the following description:

"@sonicdrivein I’m not sure who signed your permission slip but it sure wasn’t me. There’s only one guy who does milkshakes around here and that’s me."

OOOOOHHH!!!!!!!! Damn!

You ain't got a worry about catching a dog, you gotta worry about a dog, catching yo ass. Danbury is known for a lot of things but being soft just isn't one of them. The White Street Dairy War is underway and I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for more action.

I have history with Holiday, they are friends of the Ethan and Lou Show, and I am friends of theirs. Check the tape.

I also attended two Sonic Grand Openings in the Greater Danbury area, one in New Milford and the new one on White Street in Danbury. I got to know owner/franchise partner Mir Sabbir Ahmed.

There is history here for me on both sides so I am going to take in the action, follow it closely and see where this goes. I can tell you this, George Holiday does nothing half-ass, it's whole-ass with his milkshakes and his Instagram. Let the show begin.

A milkshake war could be good for everyone's business so let's get it started. We are establishing a new social media challenge, the only thing the world universally respects. We will call it the "Try Em' Both Milkshake Challenge." Go to Holiday, buy a milkshake, consume it, rate it, document it for your social media, and then do the same at Sonic. When it's all said and done, pick your favorite. LET'S F--- GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. George went full William Wallace on that ass, said "I'm going to pick a fight." There is beef in the air, let's taste it.

We spoke about this on the Wednesday Ethan and Lou Show, listen below.

The Grand Opening of Sonic in Danbury Was a Lively Affair

Thursday (7/21/22) was the Grand Opening of the new Sonic Drive-In on White Street in Danbury and it was quite the event. We (I-95) were broadcasting live from 11 am - 3 pm but we were not alone. A ton of local officials made the trip to welcome the new business. The Danbury Sonic location is owned and operated by franchise partner Mir Sabbir Ahmed. Ahmed was very welcoming to us and the other guests. Everyone had a great time despite the sweltering summer heat.

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