The legalization of recreational marijuana has been officially brought up by Connecticut lawmakers.

According to, it was the opening salvo that got the ball rolling on Thursday afternoon, March 14. The announcement was made on the floor of Connecticut's House of Representatives when they announced their plan to legalize cannabis for adult use.

What does that mean? It means Connecticut lawmakers headed up by General Law Committee Chair Rep. Michael D'Agostino have actually disclosed their legal weed legislation. Legalization is being approached in three areas, regulation, decriminalization, and monetization. In other words, D'Agostino states that this is "a first bid" with "nothing set in stone." 

Now comes the "government goes to work" mumbo jumbo. Each area will have its' own committee which will have numerous hearings and revision after revision until everyone is on the same page. Those three committees will eventually package their end product into a comprehensive bill that will be handed over to the legislature to discuss and then discuss some more.

Legalization advocates are feeling that 2019 is going to be the year for legal weed in Connecticut. Governor Lamont has said he is 100% behind cannabis becoming legal in Connecticut and is lobbying to get it done. Now pass the Fritos, pretzels, popcorn, funyuns, and cheese doodles, please.

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