A Black Honda crashed into a utility pole Monday afternoon in Danbury slowing traffic and destroying the pole.

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The accident happened on West Street and thankfully I was on the scene to gather information. It appeared the driver and her passenger were OK. The two were sitting on the stairs clear of the accident while the Danbury police officer was conducting his investigation.

The wreck happened on West Street immediately after the Division Street intersection and the Black sedan with CT plates took out a walk/don't walk sign in the Hat City.

Photo: Google Instant Street View

This is what the sign used to look like before meeting it's demise. Until Public Works gets it replaced, we just won't know when to cross the road here. I suggest waiting. Wait until the pole is replaced, that is the safest answer to the problem, but you might want to bring water and snacks.

What I can't know for sure is the exact time of the accident, I can come close. You see, I noticed it on the way back from picking up my daughter at school.

I pick her up around 4:30 just up the hill, and yesterday I was ten minutes early, getting there at 4:20. It's a fifteen minute process getting her out of school, collecting her things and then chasing her in circles around the car while she collects rocks for her collection.

This puts me at the intersection of Division Street and West Street anywhere between 4:35 - 4:40 pm.

Google Instant Street View

Above is where I was parked at a red light when I noticed the accident. I had a lot of work to do in a very short time. I was answering anywhere from 6-16 questions from my daughter, unwrapping a Starburst, photographing the accident and taking mental snapshots so I had information to present to you.

Photo: Lou Milano

So I was there between 4:30-4:40, right? But, did I miss the accident on the way to my daughter's school? If I did, the accident could have happened as much as 40 minutes prior to my arrival on the  scene. If not, and I don't think I would forget that, we have a nice tight window as to when the accident occurred. It would have happened between 4:19 and 4:40.

But, the real question is, how did it happen?

Google Instant Street View

This is what the driver would have seen right before crashing. You'll notice the road does not have much of a shoulder and looks like it was recently "shelled" by explosives, like every other road in Danbury.

I have a few theories:

  • The vehicles operator confused the gas with the brake, and at the last second swerved to the right to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of them.
  • The driver attempted to create a shoulder where there was not one and lost control after getting up on the curb.

Again, it appears everyone was OK and that is what matters here. It's worth noting that the police officer appeared to be pissed off and who could blame him?

I will say this intersection is a bucket off asses. I drive here almost everyday and I've seen some real tomfoolery. One of my favorite moments happened recently.

Google Instant Street View

Again I was parked in the above position waiting at a red light. When a man driving a dark sedan exited the Citgo gas station and it's how he exited that really caught my attention.

The gas station is just off to your left out of the frame on the corner of West and Division Street. Since there was no room in the proper lane, the man exited the Citgo gas station using, the oncoming lane, ran the red light without stopping, and made an abrupt right onto West Street, we were all really impressed.

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