"Only in Bridgeport."

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The person shooting the video said it, the talk-to-text robot said it, and if that weren't enough, it was plastered on the screen. I have to disagree with "only in Bridgeport" but we can come back to that later.

I found this gem on Tik-Tok. It was posted by a user that goes by "idk_sh--00" on July 30, 2022. According to the post, the short video was taken in Bridgeport, CT. Watch the video and see if you can notice, that I missed the first time around.

@idk_shit00 #hoodlife#bikelife#203#CT#fyp ♬ original sound - Idkshit

Yeah, I didn't notice until I started looking at the comments section and I saw a reply from "Louie" that read: "With the cop cruising the other way love it." That right, if you missed it, the go-cart passes right by a cop in the last second of the video.

Here are some of my other favorite replies:

Jazzyj9788: "That looks like my mom’s white Hyundai. What street is this?"

williemanic: "just seen this dude the other day."

acepower AKA Ace Dinero: "man I wanted to do something like that."

Quanisha: "He outside periodt. Definitely seen him a few times."

Lissette.xz: "That’s my song, I woulda started dancing."

OlivierVFX: "Mans out here playing Mario Kart in the hood."

P.S. "Only in Bridgeport?" That is not true, I live in Danbury and I can say with a certain level of certainty, they'd get away with this in the Hat City as well. Illegal, motorized vehicles are taking CT cities by storm. I think the issue is, that cops cannot chase them because it causes an uneccesary danger to other drivers and pedestrians. Good luck to us all, it's Thunder- dome out there.

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