On December 14, 2012, Lenny Pozner dropped off his three children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It would be the last time he saw his 6-year-old son, Noah.

Lenny Pozner told New York Magazine that he was once a conspiracy theorist until his son was murdered on that December morning. He then began waging war on what he calls "the hoaxers". His target was one man in particular, Wolfgang Halbig, who was once a Florida high school teacher and state trooper. Halbig told the magazine that he models himself after television characters, Columbo and Perry Mason. Here's one of the quotes that Pozner gave New York Magazine:

Conspiracy theorists erase the human aspect of history. My child who lived, who was a real person is basically going to be erased.

Pozner's mission was to change the hoaxers' positions through education and discussion, but found his tactics just brought on more online accusations and harassment. Here's a direct quote from Wolfgang Halbig:

They'll have to exhume the bodies to prove it was the AR-15 that actually killed the children.

Halbig has filed many requests for Freedom of Information Act documents demanding to see everything from police reports to insurance claims to port-a-potty receipts. Halbig, who resides in Florida, has even been visited by Florida police to relay a message from police in Connecticut that he risked being charged for harassment if he didn't stop contacting people in Newtown.

Larry Pozner told New York Magazine that his mission is to protect the legacy of his son, which is why he's currently directed his efforts at keeping the hoaxers' rhetoric off of the internet.

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