If this guy wanted to spook the neighbors, a clown mask and a machete got the job done.

Maybe this one armed guy just wanted his 15 minutes of fame. According to the Associated Press, a Biddeford Maine dude decided to grab a machete and don a clown mask and take a stroll through the neighborhood. No surprise that he bugged out the neighbors!

Believe it or not, 31 year old Corey Berry from Hollis, Maine had been doing some boozin' when he decided to go for his walk. A couple of neighbors called the police who arrested Berry and charged him with criminal threatening and weapons charges. Berry told authorities it was just a prank. You've got to give clown boy credit for using his imagination. Police said he had a machete taped to the stump of his arm.

When Berry heard the sirens, he hightailed it into the woods so police just waited him out. When he stumbled out of the woods, police placed him under arrest and authorities said Mr. Berry cooperated peacefully and has pleaded not-guilty to the charges.

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